Allison Petroski

Drawn to meditation, spiritual practice, and movement since an early age, Allison added yoga to the mix a little later in life. Starting in her late 20’s she has been drawn to the more meditative aspects of yoga, practicing Svaroopa, and then Yin and Restorative. She has been teaching group fitness, meditation and personal training since 2012. She received her 200 Hour yoga certification in the winter of 2017, then her Yin certification in the spring.

Always an avid exerciser, and now a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Allison appreciates the challenges that Vinyasa and strength based forms of yoga bring; but her heart still lies with the transformative and inner work cultivated in slower yogic practices.

Using the teaching of her guru, Sai Mama Lakshmi Devi and other great Masters, Allison brings a deep love of going within to help re-program the mind to learn how to be the Master of one’s own life—not by using force, but by releasing resistance in the body and mind so that the wisdom and knowledge of one’s higher self can become the dominant source of inspiration in life. 

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