Erica Nirsberger

In the midst of a fascinating yoga journey, Erica continues to discover inner strength and empowerment fortifying her confidence in the belief system: All waves of life can be navigated skillfully and with grace. Through her many inquiries and intentions on the mat, she has gathered an abundance of tools to both assist healing koshas (layers of body and soul) and to inspire a deeper practice of compassion and connection.

Through the use of vinyasa flow, music, and poetry, Erica invites her students to journey inward. It is her philosophy that yoga is a sacred practice, and therefore her teaching style prioritizes a safe, accepting environment where students are encouraged to embrace and explore their kaleidoscope within.

Extending gratitude to her teachers, Erica completed her 200-Hour YTT at Kripalu in 2016 with Coby Kozlowski and Michelle Dalbec. Her 300-Hour YTT was completed at Rise Yoga with Justin Wolfer in 2018. Erica is also a certified Barre instructor through EStudio Latham and Staccato Barre, 2014, through which she spent countless hours studying human anatomy with Renee Taliana, LMT. The gratitude extends especially to Yoga Mandali, where she has attended classes since 2015. Yoga Mandali has always felt like home to Erica, and has helped her to find a home within herself.

Erica has a Bachelor of Music Education from Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam, and a Master of Music Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is passionate about her fun, exciting, yet challenging career of performing and teaching music.

Off the mat, Erica adores her family and friend connections, she is an outdoor enthusiast, and she loves to nerd out — she is always carrying a book around! While Erica considers a healthy and active lifestyle to be a priority, she will never say “no” to chocolate covered oreos — it is all about balance!  ;)

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