Kealia Bonacci

Kealia took her first yoga class when she was only seven years old. However, her true love affair with the practice did not begin until she was 16, in the pursuit of finding a healthy and loving from of movement for her body. Her practice quickly evolved into one where she found internal solace and by the time she was 18, yoga had cracked open her spiritual world and awareness of the body and mind from the inside out. She became curious about exploring her understandings on and off the mat further and deeper. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica in 2015 when she was just 18. The practice has helped her become more aware of herself, the world she inhabits, and the places where they converge. 

Since her training, she has studied with Balarama Chandra Das, Coby Kozlowski, Lorin Roche, and Ann Saffi-Biasetti. She is certified in Level 1 Restorative Yoga. She is also a Somatic Soul Coach where she helps support others on their own transformational and embodied journeys. She is a writer who is passionate about poetry, which she currently shares through social media and spoken word. Keep an eye out for her upcoming book! 

Kealia feels so grateful for yoga and a practice that evolves with her; helping her to heal and express her body, mind and soul so deeply through her own resources of movement, thought and the prana of breath— and for the opportunities to share these magic pieces with others.

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