Don’t know what to do? Just show up! Like anything you do for the first time, you may feel a bit uneasy. This feeling will disappear quickly as you realize that one of the great things about yoga is that you always participate from where you are, from your own ability. There is no sense of competition or judgement in a yoga studio. You learn to listen to your body's own innate wisdom and truth (satya). Breathe, move, and respect your limitations. Yoga is a personal practice and experience. Let go of your ego and enjoy!


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Get a glimpse of what makes Yoga Mandali a space for EVERY Body.


— yoga ETIQUETTE —

  • Please try your best to arrive 10-15 min early, giving yourself time to sign in and change. Entering a class late is not advised; however, if you are granted late entry, please do so quietly and without disrupting others. If you know you are going to be a few minutes late, please call the studio so we can setup a space for you. 

  • If you need to leave a class early, please inform the teacher beforehand. Kindly set up your mat near the door and sneak out quietly to respect the peace of your fellow yogis.

  • We encourage a sense of camaraderie + community, however we ask students to practice awareness by keeping their voices down when leaving and entering the studio, to be respectful of those in other classrooms.  

  • When entering the room, please be aware of the space around you. If the class size is full, please be accommodating about making enough room for everyone and being respectful of where you place your props.

  • We ask that shoes please be left outside the studio entrance and not worn on the hardwood floors.

  • In an effort to keep belongings out of the way, we ask that they be stored inside the Studio I prop room; on the hooks behind Studio II; or in the office (simply ask the teacher or front desk help to assist you). 

  • Cell phones must be turned off or on silent so as not to disrupt the class, and should preferably be left out of the studio with your other belongings. We want you to create space from all of the busyness of life!

  • Please come prepared with your yoga mat and comfortable clothing. Mats are available to rent for $2, or to purchase (we have a small selection available). Water is also available for purchase, however we recommend bringing your own.  

  • There is a changing room available, and our small lounge area is open to hang out in if you arrive early for class. We invite you to make our space feel like home, but we ask that you please act with respect and care. 


Thank you for helping us preserve a sacred space of integrity, mindfulness, and compassion!

— where to find us —

Yoga Mandali is located on the second floor of the Downstreet Marketplace, on Broadway between Caroline St and Lake Ave.
Our door is one door north of the actual Marketplace entrance. Find directions here. Please note there is no elevator.

Depending on the time of day, you can sometimes find parking on the street (test your parallel parking skills!). The closest parking areas are the Woodlawn Garage, located behind Putnam Market, and the Public Parking lot on High Rock Avenue.

For additional questions, please contact the studio directly:
518-584-0807 or